Simply navigate to the app page by clicking on Download button on the top right of this page, and add your Shopify stores’s details. After, the page redirects to the Shopify Dashboard, just click install! It’s that easy!

Of course! to contact us, simply sent us email at with store URL. For us to better understand your issue, please provide us with screenshots/recordings of the issue and a brief breakdown of the problem you are experiencing. Though, just note, it’s always a good practice to redact any sensitive information that may be included in screen grabs or recordings for the security of your visitors.

This is very simple if you have little knowledge about HTML coding. Just place this html code

in product.liquid file as per best fit with page design.

It's very simple! Just one click to uninstall. Subscription will be automaticallly cancel and you will not get charge anymore.

Once you install the app, we automatically set FREE trail of 7 days. If this is OK for your store then you can continue with our services. We will help you to setup the language in your store to look good and professinoal. You will not be get charged during these trail period.

We provide 3 different timer style and all have awesome look. You can choose any of these as per your choice and store design.

No worry. This will automaticallly adjust with your new theme. if not just drop us email we will take care all the setup for this app.

Yes, This app is comfortable with all the devices. If you needed help just drop email and we will contact you for your help.

You just send us email with your store URL to We will take care all the setup for this app.


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